FeelGood Apartments Seestadt - Zero stars de luxe - the guests are the stars here!

Welcome to FeelGood Seestadt Apartments Vienna Probably the best apartments for travel, work and enjoyment on the other side of the Danube.

This is about you! Your life - your temporary home in Vienna. And it's the differences that make us unique. On this website you will learn something about living with us. From 25m2 studio apartments with plenty of space for large plans to 70m2 garden apartments where you can plant your own flower pots on the terrace. Maybe you'll get some new ideas. This also your website after all: Whether as "i-like-that-too web", "surfing-before-you-go-to-sleep site" or simply a Feelgood site.

We want to inspire you and help you with your plans to make life in your new "temporary home" in Vienna even better.

As a passionate host team, we offer our guests more than just a place to sleep in a big city! With us you will find perfect apartments for every living situation. We have designed a second comfortable home for you - a place that fits your ideas and needs. Even more personal contact, highest quality as well as cleanliness and sustainability are our basic conviction.

We would like to give our guests a FeelGood feeling during their stay and it would give us great pleasure to be your host, too.





FeelGood Manager

GreenLiving Kat° VI Deluxe (5 in 2)

from 83 € / Night

GreenLiving Kat° IX Superior (8 in 4)

from 94 € / Night

Apartment 3 Pers. "Inspiration"

from 69 € / Night



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